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Jody Burke, the creator of the Xcell skincare range, has been in the skincare industry for over 20 years.

During this time, she has managed a number of New Zealand-based companies and worked as National Educator in Advanced Skin Work and Chemical Peels. Jody has always had a passion for the industry; her knowledge of skin conditions and various treatments exhibit this clearly. With years of knowledge and experience, creating her own medical skincare line has always been Jody’s dream.

Through distributing and educating clinics on one of the most significant advanced medical lines in New Zealand, Jody has learnt precisely where her niche in the industry lies. She has found many conflicting belief systems shared about skin and many factors missing from the existing lines.

Her extensive background led Jody to partner with one of the top labs in the world to create a superior medical brand – one that is all about results. 

The chosen laboratory has been serving the Health and Skincare industry since 1989, providing development and manufacturing services to renowned skincare leaders and physicians.

It has established itself as THE cosmetic brand for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and skincare specialists in the USA and abroad. They deal in face, body, hair and over-the-counter (OTC) formulations, utilising unique and proprietary ingredients that set them apart from other labs. By emphasising professional, nature-based products, they deliver anti-aging, acne reducing, and skin lightening formulations that are incredibly effective. Every ingredient is stable and chirally corrected, and FDA, CGMP, and USDA NOF approved.

Together, Jody and this leading laboratory have formulated the ultimate skincare range – Xcell medical skincare.


Our range is all about achieving results! Science meets nature, working in synergy with the skin where natural ingredients can penetrate without sensitivity issues.


Combining the latest and proven ingredients obtained from Mother Nature with state of the art science. Every ingredient in all of our medical grade skincare products is stable and chirally corrected. FDA, CGMP, and USDA NOF approved.