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When it comes to achieving beautiful skin you can be proud of, we don’t make promises, we deliver results. The skincare industry for years has been riddled with false promises at the bottom of empty jars, believe us when we say we KNOW you’ve heard it all before, so  who are we? What makes us different? And why trust us?

Real time results

Xcell Medical Skincare has been developed with the highest quality, medical strength ingredients to fast track results from your first application. Medical grade skincare is quickly becoming the number one trend in skincare for a reason, and that simply is because it WORKS. We understand the effect and importance having skin that you love plays in our day to day lives, and that is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. When you purchase our products understand that you’re purchasing a range that has your time, money and satisfaction at the forefront.

Superior quality formulations

We have spent over 15 years developing, mastering and perfecting a range with one of the world’s most renown skincare laboratories based in the USA. These skin gurus have developed skincare for some of the world’s most prominent brands and skincare experts since 1989.  The Xcell Medical Skincare range has been formulated with stringent testing and the most complex scientific research, resulting in potent, ‘chirally correct’ skincare that rapidly addresses skin concerns.

Technically speaking, “Chirally correct,” means that our formulations contain only the molecules with the ability to give the optimum, desired result (either the D or the L form), left or the right side of the molecule.  For example ‘L- ascorbic acid’ which is a chiral version of Vitamin-C in its purest form. Simply speaking, we’ve broken skincare to a science, so that you don’t have to.

All of our products are not only FDA approved but cGMP compliant. 


Where science meets nature, and respects it

Xcell Medical Skincare believes in Sustainability Development (SD) through green chemistry (Chiral and Callogenesis... to highlight just a couple of technologies) as well as formulating with environmentally secure organic and natural ‘Of the Earth’ ingredients. Per the essence of Sustainable Development, Xcell aims to formulate skin care products while doing everything in our power to preserve the environment so that the needs of present as well as future generations are successfully managed and met. 

We are passionate about skin

We have formulated our range to address any skincare concern, with and understanding that you’ve come to us in trust and hope to find a solution that works. Based in Auckland New Zealand with decades of experience in helping people achieve their best skin, Xcell Medical Skincare was born from a desire to deliver results. We are skin experts, it’s what we love to do and we can’t wait to share what we believe are truly revolutionary formulations…with the entire world.


Our range is all about achieving results! Science meets nature, working in synergy with the skin where natural ingredients can penetrate without sensitivity issues.


Combining the latest and proven ingredients obtained from Mother Nature with state of the art science. Every ingredient in all of our medical grade skincare products is stable and chirally corrected. FDA, CGMP, and USDA NOF approved.