Fab Four

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Xcell Medical Skincare's 'Fab Four' individually retail at $351. Special promo price $316, saving you $35!  

The 'Fab Four' are:

Harmony Cleanser (180 ml)- a gentle sodium lauryl sulphate free cleanser that does more than just cleanse! This mild agent removes surface debris, such as excess oil and makeup, without stripping your skin of its natural hydration.  Once you have beautifully cleansed skin…apply the second hero in the 'Fab Four'.

Enzyme Away Exfoliating Treatment (50 ml) – oh so divine you could eat it!  It’s an all-natural enzyme peel that’s rich in anti-ageing and skin-perfecting nutrients.  Superior enzymatic activity breaks down dead cells on the skin surface and stimulates cellular renewal.  This exfoliation activity helps to balance the complexion, allowing healthier cells to dominate.  This refined blend of active ingredients soothes, smooths and clears the skin, giving you a more nourished, even-toned complexion.  Apply to a warm face (after a shower) level on for 20 minutes and gently wash off.
Alive Lactic Acid Serum (30 ml) - is a resurfacing serum not only does this remove the last traces of dead skin but has an unusual ability to hydrate and attract water to the skins surface.  A must in any routine or home facial. Appy a few drop after the Enzyme Away Peel has been washed off and your skin will just glow.

Saturate Moisturising Treatment (50 ml) – this superior moisturiser is a luxurious, essential fatty acid-rich formulation with potent nourishing, protective and skin supporting ingredients.  It was created to revitalise stressed and environmentally damaged skin.  It protects against collagen degradation, barrier dysfunction, and the development of oversensitivity within the skin.  Certified organic Hyaluronic Acid traps hydration into the skin to create a beautiful, youthful appearance.  It's very important to apply Saturate, as it simply bonds all those ingredients together by mimicking our protection layer. Apply Saturate liberally to your plump new skin cells.

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